Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures (to go with the new post)

Of course they're backwards.... Oh well, I'm sure you get the picture (no pun intended)!

My Yearly Post

This is my post for the year, so enjoy! :) Jeremy has been working hard on the house lately. The dining room is the area of construction at present.... We have the dust to prove it! Too bad remodeling creates such a major mess! Next up is finishing the bathroom and the kitchen before starting on the living room. I'm not known for my entertaining, but I'll have to have somebody over after all this!! :) I'll have to post some pics of the progress.

We are a family of six now. Two more abandoned kitties joined the club this year. I feel like they're taking over the house most of the time. But tonight as two of them curled up in my lap to doze in their cat-like way, I was very thankful for the cuddly company! They're my babies until I get real ones, and even then, they'll be close seconds...

Til next time...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Back with 4 New Posts, O Ye My Faithful Friends!

Thanks to all who are actually on my blog at this very moments of your lives. You are my true friends - you who I have ignored for the past month or two, and yet you love me enough to give me a little of your time. You're too precious! :-) (And yes, I counted this post in the "4." I have to get credit for all I possibly can!)

The Newest Addition to Our Family

Meet Oliver, our gray baby! His is quite the story: Jeremy discovered him at the farm where our church was having its hayride/hotdog roast. I fell in love with him and asked the owner of the farm if I could have him. He consented, and Oliver was ours!! I've wanted a kitty for the longest time.... Ollie is a sweetie, and even Dakota (our Golden Retriever) doesn't think he's too bad! They're continuing to warm up to each other. It's a process, to be sure! Jeremy got another buddy out of the deal. Looks like they're two peas in a pod!

Happy Belated Birthday, Grandma!!

My dear Grandmother turned ** this November. You didn't think I'd really say her age?! She deserved having a happy birthday, and it looks like we succeeded. Here's to you, Grandma! Thanks for being such a special lady in our family!

An untraditional birthday cake, but one of our fave's - CHEESECAKE (with 4 different kinds)! It doesn't get any better than that, folks!

Thanksgiving at Jenn and Paul's in PA

Thanksgiving was the Robison's Rendevouz at Jenn and Paul's new home in Pennsylvania. We "kids" had our Christmas together, since we now live so far apart that it wasn't going to happen around the actual time you're supposed to celebrate the season!

This is Jeremy and I with Jared, his older brother and Jared's new wife Missy. (This is also after a full day of Black Friday shopping - yes, Jeremy got up with me at 3:30 in the morning to go hit the stores and get GREAT deals!!!)

Isn't she cute? She takes after her uncle! :-) Hopefully our kids are as cute as Katrin is!

Jenn prepared a delicious meal before we all had to drive the long way home.

Ok, Paul helped, too!

Baby Kallie is growing!! (And I think Jared and Missy look good with a baby, don't you?!)

Jenn is enjoying her new kitchen and all her cabinets and counter space (Lisa says with deep-rooted bitterness!!).

Let me tell you - when Katrin is around, Jeremy is in no need of company or love. He is definitely Katrin's buddy!

Our visit with the Eckerts was well-worth the long 8-hour trip! They are very much missed here in Cincy!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Funny Not to Post

I just called Jeremy, who is on duty til 11:00. He seriously answers his cell phone with: "District 4, Officer Robison speaking..." I thought I was going to lose it!